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Our new website is up!! Check out all of our artists pages to purchase and stream tracks all day!!

We are proud to announce the signing of “Right At The Fork”, “Tom Kilmer” and “KFB”!!!

MRAfia Records started back in 2006 by Sean, Ryan and Jake of Smile Empty Soul. The first website was created by a good friend and several times road crew Jeff Clemmer, and Jake in 2007, and then was updated in 2009. The underground internet label was created initially for Smile to have it’s own outlet to maintain and put out some music and other merch items in between record deals but quickly grew to include some side projects, friends and family. Other crucial members played a role in the early days of the label including Cody Clark “The Beast” and John Sanders “Bone Marrow” in making everything run smooth.

Featured Products

  • Right At The Fork

    A Matter Of Time by Right At The Fork

    A bad ass set of progressive punk rock riffs from this NEW band on the MRAfia roster!!! Right At The Fork takes you on a crazy ride with these raw organic sounds!! Get a free tripped out coloring book hand drawn by the singer

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  • Tom Kilmer

    Journey On by Tom Kilmer

    Another new addition to the roster is Tom Kilmer and his debut album Journey On!!! This 13 song album has some cool little jams and hooks and also has Jake Kilmer on drums! Not a hard rock album by any means but it gets pretty darn rockin on track 6 which cascades down at the end with a solo by Paul Kilmer!!

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  • Smile Empty Soul

    Consciousness by Smile Empty Soul

    One of Smiles' best albums to date, consciousness represents a solid alternative hard rock attitude but with better rifs, lyrics and overall sound quality. It's a classic sing along with every song kinda in your face rock album

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  • Johnny Bluegrass and The Coonhounds

    Solid Gold by Johnny Bluegrass and The Coonhounds

    JBC's sophmore album "Solid Gold" is packed with trippy sing along folk rock country tunes filled with guitars, piano, percussion and harmonies. Beer is not included. Just have a listen to Pat's Intro and see what these guys are really all about

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  • Jerry Danielsen

    Deaf Ears by Jerry Danielsen

    The debut album from Jerry Danielsen, father of Smile front man Sean Danielsen, is a classic set of poetry rock songs that range from loud to quiet!! Jerry paints a picture with each tune. Sean and Jake Kilmer are both featured on this album

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  • 91384

    Can't Stop The Beat by 91384

    Probably the most controversial artist on our roster, 91384, and their sophmore album "Can't Stop The Beat" is a riot all rolled up into dance grooves, keyboards, electric guitars and GMACK and COD on the mic! Their first single "Anger Managment" alone will leave you wanting more

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  • The Kilmer Family Band

    The Kilmer Family Band

    The debut album from the family from Castaic CA, the Kilmers which includes Jake Kilmer from Smile Empty Soul and his immediate family(Paul, Tom and Carol) and wife Kim. This is and all acoustic instrumental record that is defined as a California bluegrass sound. Perfect for a day of fun in the sun.

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  • Poet Warrior

    Whatever by Poet Warrior

    This album pushes the limits once again as far as what is technically considered music or just pure art, or in this case psycedelic punk rock!! "Whatever" is PW's sophmore release and is much more aggresive and band driven than the bands self titled album

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