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The Kilmer Family Band

The Kilmer Family Band Live August 12th at It's A Grind Coffe house in Castaic CA

Who would of guessed that a hard rock drummer like Jake Kilmer from S.E.S would want to pick up a banjo and make a band with his family. Well, thats what he did with their debut album packed with 10 California bluegrass style songs. This instrumental album features Jake’s immediate family Tom(dad on acoustic guitar), Carol(mom on cello), Kim(wife on flute) and Paul(brother on uppright bass). The only non Kilmer who is featured on this album is Ryan Martin from S.E.S and he plays drums on “Country Cookin” and what a rippin little drum part he has on that song. If you like a cool breeze on a summer day, chances are you would enjoy this album. It’s a very organic and rich sounding album with its all acoustic sounds. Check out The Kilmer Family Band today!


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